Ready, Steady, December

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Ready, Steady, December! 

I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the year already.  This time of the year is busy for us, with doggy hotel bookings as well as our high season grooming bookings.  Time flies and we often get caught, being totally unprepared for the December madness, when it comes to our pets.   

I have compiled a few “good to know” pointers and ideas, to help you get through the silly season, with consideration to your much-loved pets. 

  • Going away?  Make sure you have booked with kennels, doggy hotels or pet sitters, well in advance. 
  • Ensure that your pets are inoculated against Kennel Cough if you are going to make use of kennels or a doggy hotel.  Kennel Cough is not included in the yearly vaccinations. If your pets go to a groomer, dog school or dog park, they should be inoculated against Kennel Cough every year. 
  • Buy enough pet food and treats well in advance – especially if your pets are on veterinary prescribed food. 
  • If your pets are on chronic medication, make sure you have enough well in advance. 
  • Get a pet first aid kit together, containing the following items:  pet laxatives, charcoal tablets, antihistamines, anti-diuretics, re-hydrate, bandages, disposable gloves, oral syringe, absorbent gauze, cotton balls or swabs, adhesive tape, scissors & tweezers, ice pack, styptic powder, saline eye solution, alcohol wipes, artificial tear gel, towels, antibiotic ointment, small flashlight 
  • Check with your local veterinarian if they will be available and which days and get emergency contact numbers for other veterinary clinics in your area.  Have all your vet’s contact details and address at hand. 
  • Be prepared for fireworks and lightning and thunder.  If your pets get anxious, discuss getting calming medication from your vet well in advance.  Always inform your pet sitter, kennels or doggy hotel about this. 
  • Have up to date photos of your pets on your phone, in case they get lost.  Invest in good quality ID tags and micro-chipping. Keep your details on ID tags and the micro-chipping database, up to date. 
  • If you are going to make use of a pet sitter, make sure that your home is safe.  Swimming pools and fishponds are a great risk to puppies & kittens, old pets and deaf and blind pets. Also, discuss the movement of vehicles in and out of your property and ways to keep your pets away from vehicles.  Fix any faulty gates and holes in fences. 
  • Don’t let your guests feed your pets and make sure that guests don’t leave gates or doors open by accident. 

“All the best things in life are free: love, smiles, friends, family, pets and companions, thoughts, sunsets and sunrises and especially rainbows.”  ― Anthony T.Hincks



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